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Course Withdrawal Nov.1 - 29


Time to Make Difficult Decisions

Course Withdrawal  Nov.1 - 29

This semester's deadline for withdrawing from a class will be Nov. 30, 9:00 AM.


How to Withdraw from a Course

Downloud application form ► Get signatures  (can be replaced with emails)   ► Turn in the form to the Division of Curriculum (in person)

  • Go to the "Academic Information Systems" and download the "Course  Withdrawal Form."
  • Ask the course instructor, your advisor, and chairperson to sign the form for you (can be replaced with emails)  and then turn in this form to the Division of Curriculum. (Interschool courses need approval from the Curriculum Division of the University that offers the course.)

Please visit https://curricul.site.nthu.edu.tw/p/406-1208-165805,r7993.php?Lang=en for more information


Please note:

For those students who are not able to attend classes due to the prevention of coronavirus ,once the required department, instructor and adviser’s approval have been granted, the student should email the form (along with any email approvals) to curricul@my.nthu.edu.tw. The request will then be reviewed by the Division of Curriculum.

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