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Add-or-Drop Selection

Opening Hours

  • The course selection system will be online from 12:00 noon to 9:00 am during the course selection period and will be suspended from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon to process random assignments and update course information.
  • Dates for 2024 Spring: Feb 16~ Mar.4 (The system will shut down at 9:00am on Mar.5)

Daily random assignment

  • The course registration system performs a randomisation process for subjects with a limited number of students every day at 9:00 am during the Add-or-Drop period. In the afternoon you can check the results of the randomisation online. If a course is already full and someone drops it, seats will become available for other students. It is recommended that you check the course enrolment online daily for any changes. Alternatively, you can ask the teacher for permission to enrol in the course through the extra selection process.

  • Please use these steps to verify the outcomes of your course choices.
    Access the Academic Information System, choose "Select Courses," and then choose "Inquiries Regarding Course Selection Results." Then, select the precise course selection phase "Add-or-Drop Selection (Log Records & Random Result)" from the provided drop-down menu.

  • The upper panel will initially display the "Course Selection Status," which shows all verified course selections. In the "Course Selection Add/Drop Log Records," which is accessible in the "Course Selection Add/Drop Log Records," you can find course log records and randomization results.

  • To learn how to view the "Latest Course Enrollment Status," click this link.

  • Students may choose the restricted subject online up until the last minute on the final day of Add-or-Drop Selection. There is no way to alter your course selection status, however, because the random outcome won't be accessible until after noon.

The process of choosing a course comes to a close at this point.

You must double-check your course choices to make sure they are accurate. Before the selection period closes, you have the option to modify or add courses. The computer and communication center files will have a record of the course selection result. Students shouldn't want special treatment due to mistakes they made themselves.

Your last chance to drop a course from your academic record

The last day of Add or Drop Selection is the end of the drop period. Courses dropped before or on this date will be removed from your academic record. 


Pop-up messages during the course selection

When can I log in to the eeclass / eLearn system?

Students won't be able to log in to the Moodle/iLms/Elearn system until the day after they register for the course.


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