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Advisor's Password

At the beginning of the first semester, each student is assigned an advisor by their major department. The aim of the NTHU advisor system is to help students adjust to school life, select courses, promote study efficiency, and guide students' life and career development. To strengthen the relationship, students must enter the password (8-digit numbers) issued by the advisor before the Add or Drop selection deadline. Each student has a different password, and the password is different each semester.

During the course selection period for new students and the 3rd course selection period, new students can log in to the course selection system without having to enter the advisor's password. (as the department has not yet assigned the advisor).

Students are advised to print out their "Course Selection Result" and contact their advisor via their course schedule to obtain the password. If you are unsure who your advisor is, or if you have difficulty contacting your advisor, please contact the departmental office of the programme you are enrolled in.
Students who do not enter their advisor's password for the current semester will not be able to access the course selection system for the next semester until they have entered their advisor's password for the new semester. Once the new password has been entered, students will be able to select courses immediately.


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