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Please visit NTHU Academic Info. Sys. to check your final course selection result.


rightPlease visit the Academic Information Systems => Inquiries regarding course selection results to  confirm your course selection status and make sure that all courses have been correctly selected before the end of Add-or-Drop Selection ( 9:00 am, Sept.30).


wrong idea  Can access eLearn/eeclass digital learning systems and use the services doesn't mean you have selected this course successfully.

wrong idea Students appearing in the teacher's attendance list include those successfully enrolled and those are still waiting for a random process. Don't take it as a final result.

wrong idea Once you received an approval email about the course you asked for extra selection but telling you "Approved, but something stops the process ", you need to adjust your courses and come back eForm, press "cases check list" -> case finish check before the Add-or-Drop Selection, if everything's okay, the course will be added into your course list. Otherwise, the approval will be invalid.


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