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Course selection for new students


New Student Course Selection Eligibility

The New Student Course Selection Period is only available to new students. Courses can be selected or cancelled online, except for those subject to enrollment restrictions.

Timing and Enrollment Basis

You may select courses at any time during the Course Selection Period; successful enrolment on the desired courses is independent of when you make your selections during this period (i.e., not on a first-come, first-served basis).

Changing Preferences

You can also change your preferences or priorities throughout the period (i.e., as often as you like!).

Random Allocation Process

At the end of the course selection process, the computer will randomly assign students to courses with a size limit. Once the results of the random allocation have been announced, you will be able to check your selection results on the 'Students' Inquiry System', and you will still be able to add or drop courses during subsequent course selection periods.

Course Selection System Note

Please note that the course selection system does not pre-populate courses. Please select courses one at a time according to your department's course requirements and your personal planning.

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