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First to third selection

Eligible students

All students at all levels (undergraduate and postgraduate)

  • Currently suspended students may participate in course selection from the first round of selection in the semester in which they plan to resume their studies, and may participate in course selection at any stage.
  • If a new student takes a leave of absence during the first semester without academic record and plans to resume studies in the following academic year, he/she can only participate in course selection during the "New Student Course Selection" phase of the following academic year.
  • Deferred admission students will be treated as new students for enrolment purpose 

⇒ If the actual enrolment is in the first semester, they can only participate in course selection from the "New Student Course Selection" phase onwards. 
⇒ If the actual enrolment is in the second semester, the course selection period begins according to the registration division's announcement of the registration instructions for new students in that semester,as published by the Admissions Office.

Course selection period

You can also change your preferences or priorities throughout the period (i.e. as often as you like!).

From 12:00 noon each day until 9:00 the following morning during the course selection period.

You may select courses at any time during the First to Third Selection Period; successful enrolment in the desired courses is not dependent on when you make your selections (i.e. not on a first-come, first-served basis).

Courses marked "Priority to XX".

We have reserved some course places for those who were given priority during the 1st and 2nd selection periods, and will remove the priority restriction during the 3rd selection period, e.g. "Priority to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature".

Multiple selection for some courses

From the 1st to the 3rd course selection period (including course selection for new students), some specific courses allow multiple selections with time conflicts. The numbers before each course represent your preferences; the lower the number, the more desirable it is, i.e. number 1 is the most desirable.

The more you prioritise, the better your chances.

Checking the selection results

At the end of the course selection process, the computer will randomly assign students to courses with a size limit. After the results of the random allocation have been announced, students can log on to the Student Enquiry System to check their selection results. The verification screen is divided into "Registration Successful" and "'Registration Failed'". The "'Registration Failed'" screen lists the reasons for the selection failure (e.g. enrolment quota exceeded). If the reason for failure is a time conflict, students will need to rearrange their schedule when the selection system is available.

If you are currently enrolled in a pre-requisite and the final grade has not yet been reported, you will be allowed conditional enrolment on the course because you are in the process of completing the pre-requisite. However, the course selection system will automatically remove the course if you do not receive the minimum grade required.

Course times are subject to change and students must check their selection results before the start of the add/drop period and resolve any scheduling conflicts no later than the end of the add/drop period.

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