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Credit Fees

  • There are no additional credit fees for courses taken once the student has reached his or her minimum required credit count.(not including part-time students)
  • Credit fees do NOT correlate with the student's graduate status.
  • Credits of general education courses, language courses, physical educations, and teacher education courses do not contribute to the total credits required for graduation, regardless of one's department. Although you must pay credit fees to enroll in these courses, any such fees will be deducted from the total cost of your required courses.
  • No refunds will be provided for courses dropped after the semester's Add-or-Drop selection period. Furthermore, those credit fees will no longer apply toward the sum of all credits associated with your department's required courses. Of course, students will earn no credit for the courses dropped after this period.
  • After the Add-or-Drop Selection period has ended, the Division of Curriculum will transfer the results of course selection to the Division of Cashier. The Division of Cashier will create payment notices and make public announcements for students to print out the notice via the "Students' Inquiry System" so that students can make the payment before the deadline.
  • A student who overdue the payments for two weeks and does not apply for Leave of Absence shall be expelled from school. 

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