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New General Education Courses. Selectable from Jan.15,2020


Course No. Course Title Course English Title Size limit Time Room Teacher 領域別areas
10820GE 115600 水墨技法與美學:山水畫 Techniques and Aesthetics of Ink Painting: Landscape Painting 20 M5678 教 108 袁慧莉 人文學藝術操作類Humanities 《Art (Studio)》
10820GE 115800 台灣當代戲曲 Taiwan Contemporary Xiqu 50 F3F4 教 116 吳岳霖 人文學Humanities
10820GE 130600 舞台劇劇本分析與創作 Play Analysis and Playwriting 25 T5T6 教 109 陳建成 人文學Humanities
10820GE 134600 電影配樂發展史與風格賞析 The History of Film Scoring--Analysis and Development 60 W7W8 教 310 邱亭雅 人文學Humanities
10820GE 137500 職場溝通學 Business Communications 50 WaWb 教 309 彭冠宇 社會科學Social Sciences
10820GE 137600 除魅與欲望:英文愛情小說導讀 (Offered in English Disenchantment and Desire: Introductrion to the Romance Novel 50 M3M4 教 313 陳麒方 人文學Humanities


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