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Course Withdrawal

Differences between a drop & a withdrawal

Withdrawing from a class means you'll have a withdrawal noted on your transcript with a grade of "W," but if you drop a course, it will not. Dropping a class is often a much-preferred choice (and you may pick up a different class so you're not short on credits). Find out the deadline for dropping a class, and if that deadline has already passed, find out the withdrawal deadline.


How to Withdraw from a Course

  • Go to the "Academic Information Systems" and download the "Course  Withdrawal Form."
  • Ask the course instructor, your advisor, and chairperson to sign the form for you and then turn in this form to the Division of Curriculum. (Interschool courses need approval from the Curriculum Division of the University that offers the course.)


Drop Status

  • Once you turn the application form to the Division of Curriculum and get the withdrawal receipt, you have already dropped the course, but the drop status on your Grade Announcement / eeclass/ Elearn System won’t be updated until the end of the Course Withdrawal Period.


Minimum Credit Requirement

  • There is no limit on how many courses a student may drop. However, undergraduate students should meet the lowest credit hours' requirement for full-time students. Graduate students must still be enrolled in at least one course.


Credit fee

  • No refunds will be provided for courses dropped after the semester's Add-or-Drop selection period and they will be recorded as "withdrawal" on students' Chinese and English transcripts. Furthermore, those credit fees will no longer apply toward the sum of all credits associated with your department's required courses. Of course, students will earn no credit for the courses dropped after this period.


Underload Application

  • If a student cannot meet the lowest credit hour’s requirement for any particular reason, an underload Application is possible with the permission of the advisor and the department Director.



  • Please be aware of the deadline when considering withdrawing courses.
  • Deadline


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