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Request for Extra Selection


Restrictions on course enrollment

In several cases, the course selection might be restricted. These include courses

  • that already reached the maximum course size
  • that is limited to students of certain departments
  • that is limited to undergraduate or graduate students
  • that favor students of certain departments, students of certain degrees, or students in a certain semester

Request for extra enrollment

  • If one of the above limitations affects you but still wants to take the course, please enter the Academic Information System and apply for extra selection.
  • The instructor will decide to approve or not, and then you will get the notification via email. If the instructor approves, the Academic Information System will immediately add the course to your course list. Please log into the Students' Inquiry System to query the results.
  • You can check your application status online.
  • If anything stops the process (e.g., courses clash), you need to fix it and process it again. Otherwise, the Academic Information System would withdraw these courses after the add-or-drop selection. 
  • If the instructor disagrees with your request, please consider rescheduling your study plan.

Application Dates

  • From 12:00 noon to 9:00 a.m. the following morning during the Add-or-Drop Selection period.
  • It's not acceptable for a late application and late approval. 


  • Courses that "Don't Accept Extra Selection" do not permit printing out the application form (the course won't have a check box as shown in the following figure).You must go to the selection system to select the course before the enrollment quota limit is reached.
  • If you desperately need to get into the class for special reasons (like graduation), talk to the department office that offers the course. They might make an exception and start the process of extra selection for you.

eeclass /eLearn system

You can log on the cclass/eLearn System the day after you enrolled in the course.

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