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Query the results of the selection

  • Once the course selection ends, the computer will perform random registration distribution of courses with a size limit.
  • After announcing the results of the random assignments, students can log into the “Students' Inquiry System ” to query the results of the selection. The checking screen is divided into "Registration successful" and "Registration Failed".
  • The Registration Failed screen will list the reasons for the failure of selection (for example, enrollment quota exceeded). If the reason for such failure is "Time conflicts", students must rearrange their schedule to erase conflicts when the selection system is available.
  • The Add-or-Drop Selection for subjects with limited numbers of students will be randomly assigned every day. (not first-come-first-served basis). 
  • All user activity will be saved in the course selection system. Students can log in to the “Students' Inquiry System ” to query his/her own log data at all times.
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inquires regarding selection result


query the result

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