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Add-or-Drop Selection

Operating hours

The course selection system will be online from 12:00 noon to 9:00 a.m. the following morning during the course selection period and suspended during 9–12 a.m. dealing with the random assignments and updating the course information.

Dates for 2022 Spring: Feb.10~Mar.1, 2022(The system will shut down at 9:00 a.m., Mar.2) 

Randomly assigned every day.
  • Subjects with limited numbers of students will be randomly assigned every day. (not first-come-first-served basis). If you miss the course,you may choose again online or request extra selection before the end of Add-or-drop Selection.
  • How to check “Latest course enrollment status”
  • On the last day of Add-or-Drop selection, students can still choose the course subject with enrollment restriction online until the very last minute. Still, the random result will not be available before12:00, which means there will be no way to amend your course selection status. 

Pop up messages during the course selection

  • If students need to add or drop any courses on their "Course Selection Result," they must do so within the assigned time and add or drop courses online to make the changes valid. The final result for course selection will be recorded in the Computer and Communication Center's data files.
  • Students must not ask for any special consideration because of personal errors.

Moodle / iLms /eLearn system

Students can log on to the Moodle/iLms/Elearn System the next day they enrolled in the course.

  • Moodle  Contact:Computer & Communication Center;03-571-5131 ex 31243
  • iLMS Contact:Computer & Communication Center;03-571-5131ex 31237
  • eLearn  Contact:Computer & Communication Center;03-571-5131ex 35107

This is the final stage for course selection. You must check your course choices to ensure that they are correct. If you need to amend or add courses, you may do so before 2nd March at 9:00

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