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First to Third Selection

Courses with a size limit

  • You can select or cancel courses online except those included in the enrollment restrictions.
Courses labeled with "priority to XX."

  • We have reserved some course enrollments for those given priority during the 1st and 2nd selection period and will eliminate the priority restriction at the 3rd selection period. For example, "priority to Department of Foreign Languages and Literature."
Query the selection results

  • Once the course selection ends, the computer will perform random registration distribution of courses with a size limit. After announcing the results of the random assignments, students can log in to the "Students' Inquiry System" to query the selection results. The checking screen will divide into "Registration successful" and "Registration Failed." The Registration Failed screen will list the reasons for the selection failure (for example, enrollment quota exceeded). If the reason for such failure is Time conflicts, students must rearrange their schedule to erase conflicts when the selection system is available.
  • If you are currently enrolled in a prerequisite and the final grade is not yet reported, in this case, you will be allowed to enroll conditionally in the course because you are in the process of completing the prerequisite. However, if you do not earn the minimum grade required for the prerequisite, the course selection system will remove the course automatically.
  • There might be changes for the time of courses, and students must check their selection results before the Add-or-Drop selection begins and eliminate schedule conflicts no later than the time the add-or-drop selection period ends.
Time for course selection
  • From 12:00 noon every day to 9:00 a.m. the following morning during the course selection period


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