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Staff / Location

Email: curricul@my.nthu.edu.tw

Direct-dial +886-3-571-2625

Location(Main campus):First floor of Administration Building, Room 104
             (Nanda campus):First floor of Administration Building, Room 1105


  • Curriculum Design
  • Course Selection
  • Course Evaluation (Mid-Semester and End-of Semester )
  • Calculation of full-time Teacher’s Teaching Hours
  • Cross-Disciplinary Program
  • NTHU Curriculum Committee
  • Exemption from certain courses via qualifying tests
Title Name
Chief Chen, Ming-Chun
Officer(Main campus) Hu Hwei Wen
Officer(Main campus) Cheng Su Fen
Officer(Main campus) Yu Hsin Su
Assistant Officer(Main campus) Chen Chi Li
Officer(Nanda campus) Liu Ying Yun
Officer(Nanda campus) Chen Szu Ting
Officer(Nanda campus) Sie Hong Min
Assistant Officer(Nanda campus) Liu Sun Ling
Assistant Officer(Nanda campus) Wang Chia Min


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